Summer Try Out Camp 2021 for Middle and High School

 Your son will have in good conditions for the Try Out of his School

Camp from June 14 to August 13 Monday to Friday 3:00 to 6:00pm

Cost per week $150

First week of the Summer TryOut June 1 to 11

Week June 14 to 18

Week June 21 to 25

Week July 5 to 9

Week July 12 to 16

Week July 19 to 23

Week June 26 to 30

Week August 2 to 6

Week August 9 to 13

The Training and Play in the Golf Course

Training Basic Technique

Training Basic technique 3:00 to 4:15pm

  • Short Game; Putting, Chipping and Approach.
  • Long Game; Irons, Woods and Driver.

Play 9 holes Every Day Walking

Play in the Golf Course 4:15 to 6:00pm

  • Play in the Course group of the three Golfer
  • Score card report

Our goals in teaching basic golf techniques

reserve the weeks for your child

  1. Breathing Inhale and exhale with the Golf club
  2. Warm up with the golf club
  3. Association of the child with the Golf Club
  4. Set up position body and Golf Club
  5. Body and ball distance
  6. Basic golf technique
  7. Movement control with the Golf Club
  8. Control the speed of the back and down swing in golf
  9. Contact with the ball with the Putt and the chipping
  10. Hit the ball in the direction of a target
  11. Result of the shot