Gift Certificate of Golf for the special person

Look at the different programs and alternatives for your gift.
Golf Programs:

1- Private group of 10 Lesson $US 700

2- Private Group of the 5 Lesson $US 400

3- Private group of 4 lesson in Saturday Clinic $US 100

4- Course Management Playing 9 holes $US 120

How to control your emotions and the body when moving, controlling the technical form of the movement, the speed in the back and down swing … with Zen in Golf Mental Training applying the Short Line System. Want to know more about this system go to

1- Stretching and elongations of your body

2- Basic technique of Putt:

Short, Medium and Large distances in the green

3- Around of the green:

Chipping,  Approach,

4- Full swing:

with Irons, Hybrids, Woods and Driver.